Leaving the Twitter nest


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Twitter had never really captured my interest. I used to be, and still mostly am, a private person who rarely shares what they're up to with the broader world. This led to me tweeting very little and primarily using it to doomscroll and retweet anything that caused a reaction in me.

With that said, there were some good moments, either inspired tweets I've retweeted or when I really gave it a go and tried to make it work. This will be a guided tour of everything that made me laugh or reminded me of something good when going through my Twitter archive, so enjoy.

Going forward, I doubt I'll use Twitter for anything other than complaining to companies. I've moved to geekyaubergine.com, which is powered by Micro.blog (a community/platform I'd highly recommend looking into).

My Tweets

Top Tweet


Shocking Straight Brexit Banana. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to reference the straight banana rumours surrounding Brexit.

The Rest

These first few tweets are cringe, enjoy


I need to get a good photo for my avatar.

The first tweet, how boring


I do love it when my program's finally start to look promising. #Python


So, it would appear last night that I impulse bought PrisonArchitect. One of my best buys this year, fantastic game. Especially for an alpha

Ok, maybe not cringe, but it is still a very good game


I need to get a 5 x 5 x 5 Rubik's cube.

I have one now and love it; sue me.


Senior Maths Challenge today, could be a laugh.

God, was I cool, maths challanges, so funny hahhahahhaa


I've missed #objective-c nice to finally get back to it.

The worst opinion I've ever had


I swear my bank account cries every time there's a steam sale.

Universal truths. Still the most I've spent in a steam sale


Just seen a duck sneeze. Not sure what is was expecting, but not that.

I wish I remembered what it sounded like


Listening to Les Mis and programming, I call that a win.

It's a vibe


The 'calm' before the storm.

I miss Disney. Looking out over Crescent Lake heading from EPCOT to the Yacht and Beach Club/Swan and Dolphin.


Burger phone

If I'm not mistaken, this is just outside the bathrooms in Adventureland


Glad to say that my UCAS application is done!

I remember that, screw that form


The build is starting to come together (the parts at least)


Java + MySQL is a buddle of fun...

Turns out I've never been able to spell


I love it when you find a bug, add code to print info, and the bug is magically fixed. Gotta love #debugging



Nothing quiet like revision and classical music

How did I ever pass English?


A design that I've been playing around with for @[email protected]

Glad to see my design skills have improved a little since then


And now we wait #iVoted

It was not worth the wait


Doing a hard reboot on a train because it's stuck, that's a new one on me

This was interesting


Oxygen Not Included by @klei is amazing, can't wait to see the finished product.

I had some good opinions, and this was one of them. I still love this game


That time Dorris took out a tree


Semi-successful pancakes on the worst hob I've ever used


Uber got very drunk and thought a 10-minute drive would take 5 hours


I got selected for the Monzo shares scheme, so I became a proper adult and bought a whole 10 shares


Saw the new Beauty and The Beast movie


Did some walking, got a badge


Sky developer using prod keys


Got up far too early to see a very big ~boat~ship


Went to Victorious festival as a non-festival person, was alright


Cold and beautiful morning on the last working day of the year.


Funny train name


Traditional first BBQ of the year post


Traditional first BBQ of the year post (yes, it was a year between good posts)


IEEE 754 Go brrr



Covid meant I couldn't go home for Christmas, so I did my first-ever roast. Very successful, all things considered, and I only set the fire alarm off once.

That time when I tried to make a Minecraft Mod

I owe a lot to this mod (maybe not my windmill design skills). I learned many programming skills on a fun project I was motivated about. It's a shame it never went further than prototypes, though it was highly ambitious.


Funny [this fact is disputed] Things/Memes

Just Jersey Things

trains - Featuring the official checkmark because verified means nothing, gg Elon

Royale Blame Game

Haha, science jokes

H2O molocule models littered on floor

The internet is wrong, again - Chorus is the correct choice


Cool Things

Cool Fourier-Transform animation

Frame from a gif showing fourier transforms


Singing Blobs

Cool Golden Ratio animation

Programming Memes

Obligitory Github being down

Old painting with "Shits on fire, Yo" written on top

That time with AWS S3 went down and couldn't update their status page

This is fine meme template with AWS S3 status saying "Service operating normally"

Sick dunk on PHP

Worst pirate I've ever heard of meme with PHP over Jack Sparrow's Face

Execs who don't know how to (or worse, think they do) program are fun

Mr Burns meme when he's at the hospital being told he's got all the diseases

Git your Dad jokes here

Speedy Secure Potatos

Bacon As A Service

Cat Jams your Memory

Bucket Lady

Brexit Memes

Brexit starting gun

Picture of Tom from Tom and Jerry with a misfiring gun that sprayed gunpowder over his own face

Honk At Bojo

Poor Henry

Boris Goes Together

Covid Memes

Lockdown with Malcolm Tucker