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  • How do you pronounce your surname?
    • O-Bear
  • Where did "GeekyAubergine" come from?
    • Long, long ago someone misheard my surname as "Aubergine", this nickname stuck immediately. At the time I was watching a lot of GeekyLemon's videos, so I "borrowed" the "Geeky" part
  • What's up with the silly names?
    • These are a collection of actual mispronounciations of my name and other funny nicknames I've been given or come up with. If you want add to them open a pr request for the silly names file and I'll get it merged in. Don't forget to add your name 😊


  • OMG! What font is that? I love it
  • Why are your tags/categories Upper Camel Case?
    • Because screen readers struggle to read single-case hashtags, making each word a capital makes it likely that the reader will say each word separately. You should do this too 😊