Micro Posts

A colleague brought in a bottle of sauerkraut juice to try. It was deeply unpleasant.

Me holding a bottle of sauerkraut juice. The bottle is green with pictures of cabbages on it. The bottle reads (translated)

Pretty good race. Perez and Alonso seemed very in control. A few interesting battles throughout and Verstappen's charge was pretty good.

Shame that Stroll had to stop, would've been fun to see where he ended up. Mercedes were better than expected, surprisingly better than the Ferrari’s.

McLaren continues to disappoint. Ignoring the unlucky damage at the start, being comfortably held at bay by a Williams (Sargeant did a good job) is not a good sign.

Wow. The Aston Martin hype was real. Bit boring out front, but the rest of the grid was fun to watch.

Classic Ferrari issues. Hopefully, McLaren will sort their stuff out as they're wasting Lando and Oscar.

Less of a shake up than I hoped, but a good mix of cars in Q3. Hopefully the shakeup will continue the rest of the year

D.E.B.S. (2004)

3/5 - Bit cringe in places, but I'll allow it. The early 2000's CGI is amazing

Deadpool (2016)

3/5 - It's fine, it was better the first time, but not engaging on the second watch 😞

8 more space marines built ready for painting tomorrow. Got some more themes to test. Only took 4 hours to do, which is I think my fastest time per model to date.

8 space marine assault intercessors primed white on a brown cardboard background


It’s nice that it’s still light outside these days when I finish work