Damn, she’s pretty 😍

Not bad for an evening’s work. Can't wait to get painting.

Built but unpainted Tervigon from the Tyranids faction of Warhammer40k. It’s a 6 legged crab like creature will a tall rear end, hunching forward. On its back a several tubes/vents, and some smaller spikes. Its back legs have hooves on the ground. It’s middle legs end in a thin claw and are also on the ground. It’s front legs have crab like claws and are held up in front of the creature. It’s head is sounded by claws, it’s mouth is open with it’s tongue sticking out. Underneath the creature is a gestation sack with a Termagant exiting the sack. It is on a blue platform with a white background.

See original https://social.lol/@geekyaubergine/110397713267712092