9 down, only 63 more to go 🙃

The new Terminator Captain and Apothecary sculpts are lovely

9 Warhammer 40k space marine models on a blue tray. From left to right. A lieutenant who has a knife dripping with some fluid and has various bits of tyranid chitin on their armour. 5 sterngaurd veterans carrying various guns and meltas. The new apothacary who is caring a canister in on hand and has various claw arms on their back pack. The new terminator librarian who has an outstretched arm with a dangling amulet, their protective hood also covers their face in darkness. And the new terminator captain caring a sword and dual barrelled weapon standing on a scenic rocky base.

See original https://social.lol/@geekyaubergine/110607171817912982