With this dread, the Space Marine half of Leviathan is complete (25/72 total).

This dread is awesome. I can't wait for the pose-able kit to come out.

Ballistus dreadnought. The dreadnought is stood on its two legs with one foot on a raised rocky outcrop. The left hand weapon is a pair of long barrelled laser weapons and the right hand weapon is 8 missiles in a grid in a housing.
Multiple Space Marines and a dreadnought on a cardboard tray. From left to right are 10 infernos marines, a lieutenant, 5 sternguard veterans, a Captain in terminator armour, a Librarian in terminator armour, a apothacary biologus in gravis armour, a Ballistus dreadnought and 5 terminators with a homing beacon

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