Nice little set

Set: 40566

Built Lego kit of Ray the Castaway. Ray is minifig wearing red beach shorts and a blue and white striped top. He has long dark brown hair and beard. He is stood infront of a makeshift wooden hut-like structure with some dead palm tree leaves making a roof. The hut is raised on some rocks and has a wooden ladder leading to the rest of the island. The island is small with some grass, sand and small shoreline. To the back left of the island is two palm trees. The right right of the island is a small wooden raft with a white flag/sail in it, the raft is tied t the side of the house. The beach features a red crab, two silver snakes, a flotation ring, a pole with a yellow-green fish hanging from it and a blue and yellow parrot sat on top. To the right side of the house is a fishing rod with a silver fish attached to the end of the line.

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