Me holding a bottle of sauerkraut juice. The bottle is green with pictures of cabbages on it. The bottle reads (translated)

A colleague brought in a bottle of sauerkraut juice to try. It was deeply unpleasant.

So, thanks to COVID I’m doing Christmas alone, this'll be my first roast so I have a plan, let’s see how it goes πŸ™ƒ I took the meat out of the fridge at 12:00 so we are currently T-140 mins ish, expect updates 😝

A list of instructions with times to do things to make a Christmas Roast. The title of the page reads "The Great Christmas Roast", followed by "TImings are relative to shceduled meal time and are subject to change withouht announcement. The list of instructions reads: -170: Pre-head oven & take meat out of fridge. -140: Put meat in oven. -120: Baste meat. -100: Baste meat. -80 Baste meat. -60: Baste meat & peel spuds. -40 Boils spudds, baste meat, peel over veg & pre-heat spud oil. -30: Put spuds in oven. -20: Take meat of out overn, save juice for gravel & let meat rest. -15: Boil veg & start gravy. -9: Put in yorkshires. -0: Take everyhing out oiver & posts, assemble meal & eat