12 Space Marines stood in two ranks. From left to right there’s a Terminator Librarian in dark blue armour with gold trim. His right hand is behind him holding and axe and his right hand is upheld and glowing blue. There’s then a squad of 5 Infernus Marines, there are all in purple and gold armour, with the Sergeant having a red helmet. They are all holding a flame thrower, the Sergeant has his strapped behind him and is throwing a grenade. Next is a Captain in Terminator armour. He is in purple and gold armour and is stood on the corpse of a Tyranid and some rocks. He has a gun in his left hand and a sword in his right. To the right of him is a squad of 5 Terminators in purple and gold armour. These have white helmets except the sergeant who has a red helmet with white stripe. The non-Segargent models have guns and powerfits, while the Sergeant has a gun and a sword.

Completed the combat patrol part of my leviathan box. Feels good to finally have a playable force ☺️

I think the basing still needs some love, but I'm happy enough with it for now. I also really need to improve my photography set up 🤣