What a race! What a result!

Amazing performance by Norris and Piastri. Shame the safety car cost Piastri the podium, but it gave us a good fight between Norris and Hamilton.

Albon fighting with the Ferraris and Alonso is impressive too.

What a quali! I might be biased, but that was amazing.

Norris P2 and Piastri P3! Great to see them finally have a car worthy of their talent 🥳. Massive improvement by McLaren compared to where they started. Long may it continue.

Excellent race, possibly the best so far this year.

Glad to see the McLaren upgrades might be working; P5 for Norris is great. Good recovery from Perez. Nice to see the Ferrari's performing well and making reasonable strategy calls.

Ok qauli. Thankfully the track limits kept it interesting.

Nice to see Norris and Albon doing well again. Hopefully the Ferraris new pace isn't just quali pace.

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Not the most interesting race.

Impressive drive by Albon. Shame about Norris, the McLaren were stating to look good.

Nice improvement by Mercedes, hopefully they can bridge the gap to Aston Martin and provide some good battles. Russell’s recovery was promising.