12 Space Marines stood in two ranks. From left to right there’s a Terminator Librarian in dark blue armour with gold trim. His right hand is behind him holding and axe and his right hand is upheld and glowing blue. There’s then a squad of 5 Infernus Marines, there are all in purple and gold armour, with the Sergeant having a red helmet. They are all holding a flame thrower, the Sergeant has his strapped behind him and is throwing a grenade. Next is a Captain in Terminator armour. He is in purple and gold armour and is stood on the corpse of a Tyranid and some rocks. He has a gun in his left hand and a sword in his right. To the right of him is a squad of 5 Terminators in purple and gold armour. These have white helmets except the sergeant who has a red helmet with white stripe. The non-Segargent models have guns and powerfits, while the Sergeant has a gun and a sword.

Completed the combat patrol part of my leviathan box. Feels good to finally have a playable force ☺️

I think the basing still needs some love, but I'm happy enough with it for now. I also really need to improve my photography set up 🤣

Small green Oak in a red Christmas outfit hiding a red and gold explosive. The Ork is stood over a chimney and is about to drop the explosive down it. Next to the chimney is roof tiling and a sack of presents Back of an Ork in a red Christmas outfit standing over a chimey. The Oak is holding an explosive. Next to the chimney is roof slates and a throwing line with an hook made out of a string of Christmas lights

Finished my Red Gobbo, he's a great little model.

I have also demolished my time record, with Red taking about 5 hours, beating my previous record of over 20.

Lego Walt Disney Tribute Camera. It is an old fashioned film camera on a wooden tripod. The reels on top of the camera make two 0’s, to the left of them is a 1 so the top of the camera reads 100. Coming out of the back of the camera and wrapping around the legs is a film strip featuring frames from many of Disney films. To the left of the camera and tripod is a small model of a multiplane camera. In front of that are 5 minifigures representing Walt Disney, Mickey and Minnie Mouse in black and white, Dumbo and Bambi. The minifigures and multiplane camera are sat on a black and white clapperboard as a base.

Lovely set. A lot of fun to build. I like that the multiplane camera has printed frames, it's a lovely addition. The film strip is amazing 😍

Set: 43230

6 Lego BrickHeadz characters from the Disney Duck family. From left to right, Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Scrooge, Louie and Daisy. 6 Lego BrickHeadz characters from Disney. Left to right: Goofy , Pluto, Chip, Dale, Wall-E and EVE

I love these. I just need to get the Mickey and Minnie now 💸 🤣

Sets: 40377, 40477, 40476, 40378, 40550, 40619

Built Lego tranquil garden. It is a Japanese-inspired garden scene with a wooden pavilion, red arched bridge, stream, koi carp tiles, lotus flowers, trees, rocks and lanterns. It is surrounded by a black border.

Gorgeous set. It was a joy to build, even with the 116 water tiles 🙈

Set: 10315

Built Lego Disney Castle (V1) sat on a brown desk with grey curtains behind. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Tinker Bell are stood infront of the main gates.

This is amazing. I can’t get over how big this set is. I’m very pleased I grabbed it before it retired.

Set: 71040

Lego Space Shuttle Discovery facing with its nose bottom left on a stand. Its cargo bay doors are open showing the Hubble space telescope above it. The Hubble is on a black stand and is pointing upwards. Its solar panels are deployed and it is connected to the Space Shuttle’s manipulator arm. In front of the model are two plaques with details of the two space craft.

Another stunning set. I've always loved the Space Shuttle so having Discovery and Hubble is a real treat.

Set: 10283

Lego Saturn V rocket standing vertically. To the right of base is a small diorama of the lunar lander one the moon with two astronauts stood in front of it next to a USA flag. To the left of the base is another diorama of the command module floating in the ocean with flotation equipment inflated.

Absolutely incredible set. I knew the model and the Saturn V were big, but the scale is staggering. This was a joy to build.

Set: 92176

Built Lego International Space Station model on a black stand

This is nice. A little repetitive in places, but thankfully the solar panels are printed rather than stickers. Surprisingly large too.

Set: 21321