Not as exciting as I hoped. Another impressive performance by Max. Gutted for Lando.

Hopefully the Mercedes improvement isn’t a one off and they can make things more interesting.

Ferrari though. I thought they were past these decisions.

It turns out some of my non-programmer friends use Markdown headings in Discord to emphasise things 🤯

Screenshot of 3 Discord messages. The first one reads

Monaco has continued to deliver this weekend.

Impressive stint on the mediums by Verstappen. Shame about the tire calls with Alonso, he might’ve forced an error from Verstappen. Good drive by Ocon, well deserved podium.

Nice to see McLaren in the points again, if only because of the rain. Good showing again from Alpine, could make Mercedes’ life difficult for a while. Hopefully this isn’t Ferrari back to their old tricks again.

Pretty good race. Less chaotic than I expected, but some pretty good battles. Much better than Baku.

Nice to see Haas improving. Surprising how Ferrari degraded and Mercedes improved towards the end of the race. McLaren though 😬

Wow. What a weird result. Tomorrow should be good with so many drivers out of position. Nice to see Haas and Alfa Romeo back in the top mix. Not sure if I want it to rain now or not 🤣

Surprising uneventful. Good job by Checo. Good mix in the top ten. McLaren’s improvement seems to be sticking which is good, let’s hope they can do more.

Not sure I like the rules for the sprint shootout. The tire dictations seem pointless, and drivers not being able to take part in SQ3 because they don’t have a new set of tires available is silly.

Well, that was entertaining 🤣

Good mix in the fields. Nice improvement from McLaren, let's hope it lasts.

Tomorrow should be interesting if quali was this chaotic 🤣

Pretty good race. Perez and Alonso seemed very in control. A few interesting battles throughout and Verstappen's charge was pretty good.

Shame that Stroll had to stop, would've been fun to see where he ended up. Mercedes were better than expected, surprisingly better than the Ferrari’s.

McLaren continues to disappoint. Ignoring the unlucky damage at the start, being comfortably held at bay by a Williams (Sargeant did a good job) is not a good sign.